Our Services

* Prices will be determined on a job by job basis *

List of Services:

  • Computer Setup - We will setup your computer to your specification.
  • Computer Maintenance - We will make sure your computer is running smoothly. We will update any drivers or software that needs it.
  • Virus Removal - If you think you've got a virus then we will check and remove any.
  • Remote Support- If you can't see us in person for whatever reason, then we can sort you out via our remote support.
    *We can't use remote support for setting up devices*
  • Software Installation - If you don't know how to install any software, or you want us to do it then we can!
    *A legitimate copy of the software is required*
  • Email Setup - We can create you an email account or fix any issues related. (via Gmail, Outlook, iCloud, etc) We will also sync this to any devices you have.
  • Tunning Up of Computer - If your computer is running slow or isn't working how it should. Then we will remove any un-wanted or un-needed software that is slowing your computer down.
  • Website Maintence - If you have already got a website that needs any maintenance and keep it up-to-date.
    *^ We have a specialist team available if you want a new site!^*
  • Phone/Tablet Setup - We will help you set up your phone/tablet to your specification.
  • SmartWatch Setup - We Will set up your Smartwatch to your specification.
  • If you can't see a service that we offer then get in touch and we'll try our best to find a solution.
    If any of your devices need any additional components, we will get them from reliable and good quality suppliers.

  • *Prices will be agreed before any work is carried out but may vary due to the complexity of customer requirements and/or any time constraints.

  • Covid-19

    Due to the current UK national government guidelines we are unfortunatley unable to provide any work in person. However we still offer a online service to help you get back up and running.